Briquetting Machine Manufacturer in Malaysia


Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is the world’s largest manufacturer of Briquetting Plants, Biomass Briquetting Plant, Briquetting, Biomass Briquettes and other machineries.  All our products are renewable source of energy derived from various wastes such as agricultural wastes, industrial wastes and forest wastes.  Our supplied machineries are running successfully in various states in India and abroad. We invite business inquiries from different countries like Bangladesh, Kenya, Bhutan, Japan, Turkey etc.

Our company is a manufacturer of Briquette Machine, Biomass Coal Plant, Biomass Dryer Unit, Briquette System & other equipments. We strive continuously for customer satisfaction and are looking forward for business acquaints from Malaysia city in Lumpur, Kuala, Alor Setar, Phuket, Ipoh, Kelantan and Kuantan.


We are leading manufacturing and exporting of Briquetting Machine, Briquettes Press Machine, Biomass Briquetting Machine, Briquetting Machine Manufacturer.

Being a responsible manufacturer and exporter, all our plants are running very successfully in several organized sectors located all over India. We want to contribute to eco-friendly world during non-conventional energy.

The demand of Biomass Briquettes and other products has increased constantly across worldwide. We are in search of business associates from Malaysia, Australia, Israel, Pakistan, Kenya, Algeria, Canada, India and all European Countries


At Jay Khodiyar. we know the importance of keeping our customers briquetting or compacting operations running efficiently and properly. This is why we take great pride in designing and manufacturing the correct replacement parts for your machinery. Our highly trained engineering and service staff has many years of experience, working with our customer’s vast array of applications and process needs. Whether your need is for standard replacement parts or you wish to improve your existing equipment, we are dedicated to serve our valued customers the best way possible. We also have factory trained field service technicians to assist our customers with training, parts installation or machine maintenance when neede

Many times an operation may experience problems that go beyond the briquetting or compacting machine. Jay Khodiyar is proud to say that our service staff has individuals with over 19 years of combined hands on operational experience. We would be happy to perform a plant audit of you process and offer our suggestions for improving our customers operation.


Putting environment ahead of business, JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS, with its futuristic and technology-driven product portfolio of bio-mass briquetting plants consisting of censor type Briquetting press, pellet plan and screw type briquette press, has been heralding a green era by creating a cheaper and alternative fuel to costly and fast disappearing fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, lignite diesel etc. by turning agro waste, forestry waste and industrial waste into Bio-mass Briquettes.

Our endless innovation and technological up gradation to create a world class portfolio of bio-mass briquetting plants, is our way of healing Mother Nature and environment that reduces carbon footprint caused by excessive industrial and other forms of emissions by encouraging the use of bio-mass briquettes.

Leaving greener marks on national and global industrial horizon are our installations of bio-mass briquetting plants delivering flawless performance by processing a range of agro, forest and industrial waste to create great value not only for our valued and satisfied client base but for global environment thereby saving precious fossil fuels. Its no wonder JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS is truly a green force dedicated to creating responsible industrial environment.